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Next BIEN Congress
The 15th BIEN Congress, "Re-Democratizing the Economy," will take place in Montreal, Canada, June 26-29, 2014

Message to the BIEN Membership
The General Assembly will be held on Sunday, June 29, 2014

BIEN publishes a quarterly news letter, the BIEN NewsFlash and an news website, Basic Income News. The NewsFlash is mailed electronically every four times a year to over 2,000 subscribers throughout the world. The latest issue and past issues of the Newsflash are available online. Click here to request a free subscription or to unsubscribe.

Basic Income News was launched by BIEN and its affiliates in May 2011. This new site aims to provide frequently updated news stories about basic income from around the world and to provide an interactive and up-to-the-minute context for basic income news.

BIEN's Executive Committee (EC) is elected by the General Assembly for a period extending to the latter's next meeting.
BIEN also has an International Board (IB). For further information about the EC and the IB, please click here.

Membership: to support our network, you may consider becoming a Life Member or even a B(i)enefactor.

National Affiliates: to date, BIEN has recognised twenty affiliated national basic income networks

Basic Income Studies (BIS) is the first academic journal to focus specifically on basic income and cognate policies. It provides a forum for the discussion of theoretical issues and empirical research on the design and implementation of basic income schemes and the future direction of universal welfare policy. Its founding was sponsored by Red Renta Básica (the Spanish basic income network), the Spanish Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, and the Basic Income Earth Network. It is published by DeGruyter.

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