Uppsala (SE), 12 September 2012: Basic Income Grant in Namibia

Seminar with Uhuru Dempers, the BIG Coalition and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia; Introductions by Carin Norberg,The Nordic Africa Institute and Gunnel Axelsson Nycander, Church of Sweden.
Social protection such as child grants and social pensions have recently been introduced in a growing number of developing countries, with good results. In some countries, a universal, unconditional basic income grant (BIG) has been proposed as the best way to fight extreme poverty and decrease the high level of income inequality.
In Namibia, a coalition of churches, trade unions and NGOs is actively promoting BIG. The BIG coalition has implemented a pilot project in Otjivero, a poor, typical village of about 1000 inhabitants. For two years, everybody in the village received an unconditional grant of approximately 100 SEK per month (€12). The results were striking. In just six months, poverty dropped significantly. Malnutrition decreased, especially among children, and school attendance improved. Among the most important impacts were the effects on the local economy. The small but secure income enabled people to increase their economic activity, through starting small businesses or searching for jobs outside the village.
Practical details:  September 12th 14h-16h Kyrkans hus. Sysslomansgatan/St Olofsgatan, room Laurentius Petri, Uppsala, Sweden.

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