AUDIO: Gabriel Barta is Interviewed (In English) about the Swiss Basic Income Initiative

[BIEN – March 2013]

Goodman, David, “Push is on for CHF2,500 ‘basic income’ (audio interview)” World Radio Switzerland, Monday, 21 January, 2013

A federal initiative was launched in Switzerland last April asking for an unconditional basic income guaranteed of 2,500 Francs a month for every resident, regardless of their nationality. Campaigners already have half the signatures for a ballot with 10 months of campaigning still left. And last week, a another citizen’s initiative was launched in the European Union, asking the European Commission to consider the a similar idea. Dave Goodman, of World Radio Switzerland, talks to Gabriel Barta, a member of the committee behind the Swiss Basic Income initiative.

The interview can be found at this link:

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