ITALY: Call for the introduction of a Guaranteed Income on the Italian Political Agenda

[BIN-Italia – January 2013]

On 4th January 2013 BIN Italia launched a campaign called “Guaranteed Income on the Political Agenda” inviting civil society, social movements, grassroots networks and associations, as well as those candidates who are sensitive to this issue, to organise public events in their territories in order to debate about the necessity to introduce such a measure in Italy.

During this last election campaign, the issue of income support was shyly mentioned by some candidates who have referred to it using different approaches which sometimes seemed to be confusing and conflicting. Candidates have not yet said anything concrete about it, i.e. about when and how it might be introduced, the eligibility criteria, and the amount of this measure.

BIN Italia launched this campaign in hopes that the issue of a guaranteed income is one of the points to be addressed during the first 100 days of the government, and that it will be dealt with as an urgent proposal which is necessary for the citizens of our country. Bin Italia reckons that this issue should be given due priority, and therefore it calls for the introduction of a Guaranteed Income on the Italian political agenda, both at local and national level.

Full version of the call (in Italian)  is available online at:

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