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Karl Widerquist on Keynes and automation, “The Economic Possibilities of Our Grandparents”

This article, originally published in 2006, has been re-released on the author because of the renewed importance of automation in the basic income debate Abstract: This article draws lessons about the automation revolution by looking back at predictions John Maynard Keynes made back in 1928 about what technological innovation could do for humanity. Keynes rightly predicted the enormous economic growth

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Jack Smith IV, “Basic Income, the Most Radical Innovation in Minimum Wage, Has Silicon Valley to Thank.”

This article discusses how Basic Income is an increasingly popular policy among information technology professions who are creating technology and is replacing many conventional jobs. The article connects what is happening now to the history of the Basic Income movement over the last 100 years. The article includes extensive quotes from BIEN, co-chair, Karl Widerquist, and an audio of Robert

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LONDON, UK: Basic Income Meet-up with Karl Widerquist, Tuesday July 21, 2015

Karl Smith Widerquist, Co-chair of BIEN and co-founder of USBIG, will be the special guest at Basic Income UK‘s income meet-up next Tuesday 21 July 2015, 7pm. Widerquist has written several books and dozens of articles on basic income. The event will open with a 15-minute introduction by Widerquist followed by an open discussion. It will be held at the

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WINNIPEG, MANITOBA: Fifteenth Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress, May 12 – 15, 2016

The Fifteenth Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from Thursday, May 12 to Sunday, May 15, 2016. The congress is co-organized by the Basic Income Canada Network, the United States Basic Income Guarantee Network, Basic Income Manitoba, and the University of Manitoba. It will bring together social activists, policy advocates, researchers,

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NEW YORK: USBIG Announces list of forty speakers for NABIG Congress, Feb. 26 – Mar. 1, 2015


The U.S. Basic Income Guarantee (USIBG) Network has released a list of forty participants for the Fourteenth Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress (a joint even of USBIG and the Basic Income Canada Network). The Congress will take place in New York City starting Thursday, February 26 – Sunday March 1, 2015. Most events will be held in conjunction

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UNITED KINGDOM: Karl Widerquist speaks on Basic Income in five cities in five days

Karl Widerquist, co-chair of BIEN, Associate Professor at SFS-Q, Georgetown University, and author of Independence, Propertylessness, and Basic Income: A theory of freedom as the power to say no, will speak about basic income in five cities in the United Kingdom this November 14-18. The dates of his talks are: Friday, November 14, 2014, 6pm, London School of Economics Development

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INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income Advocate Founds "The BIG Patreon Creator Pledge"

Scott Santens, advocate for basic income and moderator of the Basic Income community on Reddit, on Monday announced his intention to crowdfund his own poverty level basic income through his writing and advocacy with the use of Patreon, a Kickstarter-like site meant to enable fans of content creators to support their freely distributed works. According to Patreon, content creators there currently

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Scott Santens, "Breaking Down Without a Spare – America’s lopsided welfare system of counterproductive public assistance"

In this article, Scott Santens describes our current welfare system across the entire socioeconomic spectrum, and stresses the need for an improved safety net that exists as a basic income floor everyone can count on and no one can fall beneath. Scott Santens, “Breaking Down Without a Spare – America’s lopsided welfare system of counterproductive public assistance“, Medium, 13 October

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