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SPAIN: “Hot” discussions around Basic Income at the moment in Spain

  Ever since the Spanish political party Podemos has introduced Basic Income in its political program for the European Parliament elections, in May 2014, the discussions around this issue have risen to unprecedented heights, turning it into a “hot” topic in the Spanish political-economic public debate. One of its main defenders, Dr. Daniel Raventós, has even said that “the place

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Japan: Pro-basic income Green Party has a new political platform


Greens Japan (Japanese Green party) endorsed BIG from its beginning in 2012. On 31st October 2014, A new political organization ‘E-Future Association [e-mirai-no-kai]’ was launched in Kyoto. This organisation is a loose umbrella entity for coming local election in Kyoto 2015 by the Green Japan, the Kyoto Seikatsusha Network, and citizens who do not belong to any political organization. ‘E’,

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United Kingdom: Natalie Bennett Speaks at LSE and Discusses Basic Income

Green Party England and Wales leader Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett, leader of the recently resurgent UK Green party, spoke at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on Friday to a packed room of 100 or more students. She began by giving a half hour stump speech covering a number of the Green party’s major policies, including proposing a living wage, stopping tax inversion, being smarter

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Basque Country: Separatist and ecologist parties support basic income

Ander Redriguez, Bildu (right)

In Basque Country, left-wing seperatists from Euskal Herria Bildu and the ecologist coalition Equo Euskadi keep supporting basic income. In Spain, the basic income concept has recently been brought back into the spotlight by Podemos political party. Although meanwhile basic income has been taken out from Podemos economy orientation project (replaced by other social economic measures), other Spanish social and

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