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First Dutch Basic Income is a Fact


By Frans Kerver Hurray! We started crowdfunding the first Dutch Basic Income on April 12th, right after the airing of VPRO’s Tegenlicht documentary dedicated to Basic Income. Our aim was to collect €12,000 before June 1st. With the help of more than 500 supporters we did even better. We reached our goal on May 27th, and the consecutive media storm not only

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A Green Party perspective: Citizen’s Income – an idea too idealistic to take seriously or one whose time has come?

For those who may be hearing about a Citizen’s Income for the first time, it is a non-taxable, non-means tested, unconditional, regular income paid to every UK citizen regardless of whether they are in or out of work. It will replace most, but not all, benefits, but most importantly it is a secure income for everyone regardless of circumstances. It

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A Basic Income Women Action Group Statement

April 28, 2015 A Basic Income Women Action Group Statement Prepared by Liane Gale, Ann Withorn and Kristine Osbakken Inspired by conversations and presentations at the 2015 North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress in NYC   The broad goal of the group is to connect women within the Basic Income movement, and also to connect with women of other economic/social/environmental justice

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Basic Income Day is a great idea, but not on May Day!

Basic income activists around the world are doing a great job (sic!) putting the idea of granting each individual an unconditional guaranteed income at the frontlines of policy proposals to combat poverty, social exclusion and economic inequality. A basic income is different from a wage precisely in that everyone gets it, independent of whether you are working in company or the public sector or not. One

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Alaska’s Budget Deficit is Political Threat to its Basic Income


Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend is the closest thing to a Basic Income that exists in the world today. It gives every U.S. Citizen who fills out a form verifying Alaska residency a check for a share of the revenue from the Alaska Permanent Fund each year. The fund and dividend—on their own—are on solid financial footing. Left alone, they can

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