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Donald Trump and the Prospects for a Basic Income

Photo: Donald Trump (2013) CC Gage Skidmore

The Republican Party convention is over, and I’m feeling hopeful. Trump’s triumph may be a big step forward in our campaign to enact a basic income in the United States. With Trump’s speech, and the convention’s overall tone, the party has completed its transition and come out of the closet. It’s now the Repugnant Party.

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Universal basic income: poor tool to fight poverty? Mapping the debate


A recent article in The New York Times, entitled “Universal Basic Income is Poor Tool to Fight Poverty,” spawned a debate on the desirability of implementing a UBI in the United States. This Basic Income News feature analyzes the NYT column’s argument against UBI, and looks at the counterarguments posed in several response pieces.

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ITALY: Basic income and the future of work


Introduction: the minimum income In Italy, the debate on basic income has lasted for almost 20 years. Back in August 1997, the website published my pamphlet titled “Ten thesis on citizenship income”. This text, which saw a successful circulation, especially underground, was re-edited in the book “Tute Bianche” [1], presented an overview of the Italian debate regarding the introduction of

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Swiss Basic Income: Too Expensive?


Author: Robin Ketelaars The Swiss referendum for an unconditional basic income ended on June 5 with 23 percent voting yes. The organizers had expected 20%, so in many ways this was still a positive outcome. With a turnout of only 47 percent, the result demonstrates that 53 percent of the population are indifferent about the basic income. Opponents managed to

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