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Short Answers to BIG FAQs Part 1 of 3

[The following is an excerpt from a book in progress, The Poverty Abolitionist’s Handbook.] Someone who offers a question that is really a challenge, like “Why would you believe something like that?”, will likely maintain their attention for about a minute.  But someone who asks a more thoughtful question, even in a social situation, will likely maintain their attention a

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Let’s talk ‘BIG’ about poverty!

[The Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states are characterized by high levels of poverty and some of the highest levels of inequality globally, albeit endowed with high levels of mineral resources. – ed.] By Busiso Moyo Despite being endowed with many natural resources, Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA), wherein 13 of the 14 SADC countries are located, ranks amongst the worst

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Book review: Mary O’Hara, Austerity Bites: A journey to the sharp end of cuts in the UK

Mary O’Hara, Austerity Bites: A journey to the sharp end of cuts in the UK, Policy Press, 2014, xiv + 320 pp, 1 4473 1560 5, hbk, £19.99 During 2012 and 2013 Mary O’Hara travelled the UK to find out what effects the Coalition Government’s public sector cuts were having by interviewing some of the people affected by them: both

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Two feasible ways to implement a revenue neutral Citizen’s Income scheme

(First published in the Citizen’s Income_newsletter, issue 3, 2015) Abstract (Note 1) A Citizen’s Income – an unconditional and nonwithdrawable income for every individual – would offer many advantages, but because the UK’s current benefits and tax systems are complex, transition to a benefits system based on a Citizen’s Income could be difficult to achieve. This paper builds on the results contained

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Opinion: Basic Income strengthens Soft Power

This picture, which was at the barricades on the Maidan in Kyiv, shows that Ukraine wants to go with the EU instead of being dependant on Russian gas and adopting an authoritarian system like in Russia (picture by Ralf Haska)

In general terms, power is “to make someone want what you want”. You can use hard power – physical force or punitive measures, such as economic sanctions – to achieve this goal. However, there is another way – you can appeal to the reason of those, whose behaviour you want to change, by rewarding (sometimes seducing or bribing) means. The

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First Dutch Basic Income is a Fact


By Frans Kerver Hurray! We started crowdfunding the first Dutch Basic Income on April 12th, right after the airing of VPRO’s Tegenlicht documentary dedicated to Basic Income. Our aim was to collect €12,000 before June 1st. With the help of more than 500 supporters we did even better. We reached our goal on May 27th, and the consecutive media storm not only

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