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Swiss Basic Income: Too Expensive?


Author: Robin Ketelaars The Swiss referendum for an unconditional basic income ended on June 5 with 23 percent voting yes. The organizers had expected 20%, so in many ways this was still a positive outcome. With a turnout of only 47 percent, the result demonstrates that 53 percent of the population are indifferent about the basic income. Opponents managed to

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Help make history: Create the largest basic income pilot yet

At the home of Beatrice Achieng in Nduru Upper village. She used the cash transfer from Give Directly to dig a 30-foot borehole that now supplies her family with fresh water. She also build the foundation for a new house on her compound. Beatrice fetches water at the borehole

Dear friends, The basic income movement is picking up momentum at an enormous rate, but even with past and present trials, many are still looking for further evidence of what would happen if a guaranteed income were provided over the long-term. So we’re planning to run what will likely be the largest long-term pilot of a basic income ever, and

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Invitation to join the leadership of BIEN

Karl Widerquist, Co-Chair BIEN <> Louise Haagh, Co-Chair, BIEN <> As co-chairs of BIEN, we would like to invite members and prospective members of BIEN, to join the leadership of BIEN. Getting involved is easy. There are two ways to go it: Run for an elected position at BIEN’s next General Assembly at the 2016 BIEN Congress in Seoul (July

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Education in a Jobless Future? Reply to Mark Tucker


If we are indeed approaching a jobless future, then our institutions of education must accommodate: schooling must be rethought to prepare people to live fulfilling and productive lives outside of paid employment. This is the real lesson to take away from a recent blog post by Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy, in which

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What should the level of basic income be in 24 European & OECD countries?


The level of Basic Income (BI) is a matter of heated debate in discussions of BI for national implementation, investigating the level at which BI would be ‘high enough’. There is also growing dispute regarding ‘partial’ vs. ’full’ BI. This was the central topic of investigation at this year’s BI conference in Maastricht in January. The following calculations, using a

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Basic Income as Proposal, as Project, and as Idea

takencareof poster

I have been part of Basic Income Earth Network’s and US Basic Income Guarantee Network’s social media team for a while and I want to clarify something for as many readers as possible. There are three ways of looking at the basic income movement: Basic Income can be endorsed as a (1) proposal or (2) a project or (3) an

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BIEN Needs to Have Yearly Congresses


Karl Widerquist, co-chair Louise Haagh, co-chair We, the two co-chairs of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), have made the following proposal to BIEN’s 2016 General Assembly: “Starting as soon as possible, BIEN will have yearly Congresses whenever affiliate networks are available to host them.”[*] BIEN has held Congresses once every two years since its inception in 1986. The Congress

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