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Scott Santens’ basic income log: the importance of security


If you’re new to my writing, you may not yet know that I have a crowdfunded basic income through Patreon. Beginning my campaign for $1,000 per month in late 2014, I reached that goal at the end of 2015, and so this year, at the beginning of every month, I will start the month with $1,000 per month, guaranteed, through

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Will liberals be our allies in the struggle for basic income?


Before beginning this essay, let me describe the people about whom I am speaking when I use the term “liberal”. In the American 21st century context, I am essentially describing the people you would likely find in the leadership of the Democratic party. Despite the conservative view of mainstream liberals as radical socialists, they are, at most, cautious reformers. Even that probably

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There is no human future without a basic income


What does the future look like? No one knows and it is folly to argue one does. But we can think, we can even try to make predictions, depending on how much risk we are willing to take. To say, as Jeremy Rifkin suggests, that the future will look like a collaborative commons, based upon zero marginal cost, internet-linked nodal,

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The Basic Income Guarantee: what stands in its way?


By Tom Streithorst The Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is back in the news. The Finns are considering implementing it, as are the Swiss, replacing all means tested benefits with a simple grant to every citizen, giving everyone enough money to survive. Unlike most current benefits programs, it is not contingent on being worthy or deserving or even poor. Everybody gets it, you, me, Rupert

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French MP wants basic income to replace all welfare: is he right?


In the past few months, basic income has been widely debated in the French public arena and mainstream media are starting to pay attention to it. This trend has been influenced by the announcement of pilot projects in the Netherlands and Finland, and the upcoming referendum in Switzerland. Recently, there have been important developments in the national political arena too.

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Lessons from Finland: think BIG but act with pragmatism

Local Input~ FOR NATIONAL POST USE ONLY - NO POSTMEDIA - Scenic summer panorama of the Market Square (Kauppatori) at the Old Town pier in Helsinki, Finland. Credit: fotolia.

By Otto Lehto People have different ideas on what society should look like, but they can still agree that a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is a good idea. The struggle for BIG should be the struggle for a specific policy measure, not for a utopian ideal. We are trying to make BIG a reality. That’s it. We are engaged in

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Swiss politicians reject basic income because they are scared of humans


By Che Wagner Originally published in German in the Swiss online newspaper Tages Woche. Translated by Matthias Lindemer for Basic Income News. (Photo shows activists of the Swiss Basic Income Initiative with a banner inside a vault. Credit: Stefan Bohrer) On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, the Swiss parliament debated a popular petition for an unconditional basic income. Enough signatures were

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Would a Basic Income ‘corrupt’ the poor?

In the 90s, the United States implemented some of the most far-reaching changes to welfare in modern American history. Bill Clinton worked with Republicans to “end welfare as we know it” and eliminate welfare’s supposed corrupting influence on the poor. Except the “corrupting influence” of government assistance never existed. A recent article by the New York Times pointed out that recent

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