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Would a Basic Income ‘corrupt’ the poor?

In the 90s, the United States implemented some of the most far-reaching changes to welfare in modern American history. Bill Clinton worked with Republicans to “end welfare as we know it” and eliminate welfare’s supposed corrupting influence on the poor. Except the “corrupting influence” of government assistance never existed. A recent article by the New York Times pointed out that recent

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First basic income create-a-thon in San Francisco a great success


By Juliana Bidadanure November 13-15, 2015, San Francisco. A group of basic income supporters joined forces for the first ever basic income ‘create-a-thon’. For those not familiar with the concept of create-a-thons, these are events where people from a range of professions meet up voluntarily to work and create something together. In general, they gather to work on a project

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Would a universal basic income be the ‘death’ of civil society?

The most common criticisms of a universal basic income (UBI) are that it is unfeasible and too expensive. However, in a recent series on UBI in the Washington Post, some of the strongest attacks dealt with the possibility that it may undermine civil society in the United States. Jonathan Coppage, associate editor of The American Conservative magazine, argues that a

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My libertarian-socialist working feeling

by Rainer Ammermann Much can be said about the possible links between the current refugee influx to Germany and the idea of unconditional basic income. Now, I want to highlight just one obvious intersection: thousands spend countless hours to build and maintain a support infrastructure for refugees independent from public services. They are not paid and they do in part

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THE DECIDER CLASS: Gatekeepers in the System

by Karen Christine Patrick. DECIDER from the Urban Dictionary: “A person who decides what is best.” Twenty plus years dealing with “the system” in being the caregiver for my disabled daughter, then injury and being disabled myself, I have run the gauntlet of the “deciders” too many times to count. People who tell me that the Basic Income Guarantee is

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INTERNATIONAL: Letter from the Organizers of Basic Income Week

Dear Basic Income supporters around the globe, Whether you are staging your first event as a new supporter of Basic Income, your country is hosting 40 different events this week as a result of a long Basic Income tradition, whether you are talking about it with your community or carrying on your national Basic Income campaigns regardless – 8th International

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