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SOUTH KOREA: Mayor of Seongnam City talks on his plan for ‘Youth Dividend’

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Enno Schmidt, co-founder of the Swiss basic income initiative, made a film on Jae-Myeong Lee, the mayor of Seongnam City, talking his plan for ‘Youth Dividend’. Jae-Myeong Lee wants to introduce a basic income for the young people in his city, a city of one million inhabitants, 30 km southeast of the capital Seoul. While he was working on this

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Enno Schmidt, “Basic Income in China”

SUMMARY: Cui Zhiyuan is professor of public administration at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He recently starred in a video, following a basic income conference, produced by Enno Schmidt that advocates an unconditional basic income and explains why the kind of means testing that is experienced in the social systems in Western countries today is an invasion of privacy. He says

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