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SWITZERLAND: Robots for Basic Income dance at Davos


The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was held during 20th-23rd January 2016. A group ‘Robots for Basic Income‘ countered the Forum with their demand for a Basic Income. The group released ‘Declaration of Davos 2016′: Robots demand for universal basic income as a humanistic response to technological progress We – the robots – call for an universal basic

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VIDEO: Trailer for New Film on Basic Income, “Means to An End”

A new film by Jon King (Envisuals) on basic income in the UK, Means to An End, will be released on 17 February 2016. The trailer highlights many of the problems faced by British citizens on benefits at the moment and includes interviews with prominent basic income supporters in the UK, like Malcolm Torry, Guy Standing, and Barb Jacobson. To

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VIDEO: Christina Lambrecht, “Basic Income and Zeitgeist in Transition”

From the video description: “On April 4th 2015, Christina Lambrecht gave a very vibrant talk about Basic Income. She talks about UBI and their critics without arguments, GNP without happiness, lazy losers winning the lottery, and robots stealing our jobs. She also explains the criteria for the UBI as defined by BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network), and arguments from a

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VIDEO: The case for Universal Basic Income


Barb Jacobson and David Jenkins of Basic Income UK spoke at a meeting of the London Futurists at Birkbeck College in February 2015. The speakers present the case for a universal basic income as a response to societal changes such as increasing automation and technological unemployment, and answer questions about the pros and cons of a UBI. From the event

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VIDEO: Federico Pistono, “Basic Income and Other Ways to Fix Capitalism”

  In this TEDx talk, Federico Pistono describes some of the challenges of capitalism and how these challenges are matched by the tenets of basic income. According to the video description, “Federico Pistono is a futurist, social entrepreneur, hacktivist, public speaker, founder and CEO of konoz – a startup that curates and organizes educational videos, whose mission is to become

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UNITED STATES: Jason Murphy talks about basic income on the David Pakman Show


On December 11, anti-poverty activist and scholar Jason Burke Murphy appeared on the popular David Pakman Show to discuss basic income and how to implement it in the United States. Murphy is assistant professor at Elms College. He serves on the National Committee of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network and the BIEN Executive Committee. The conversation touched on the

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VIDEO: Standing and Widerquist speak about basic income on HuffPost Live


On December 8, Huffington Post Live hosted a debate on basic income following the coverage by mainstream news of the Finnish basic income experiment. There were three guest speakers: Guy Standing, economist, professor of development studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (London), and BIEN’s Honorary President; Karl Widerquist, political philosopher and economist, associate professor at Georgetown University

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