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VIDEO: Christina Lambrecht, “Basic Income and Zeitgeist in Transition”

From the video description: “On April 4th 2015, Christina Lambrecht gave a very vibrant talk about Basic Income. She talks about UBI and their critics without arguments, GNP without happiness, lazy losers winning the lottery, and robots stealing our jobs. She also explains the criteria for the UBI as defined by BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network), and arguments from a

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OPINION: The European Citizens Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income: shall the expectations be attained?

In April 2012, grassroots organizations and citizens of 15 EU member states united their strengths to promote Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) in the EU and started the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for UBI. It was a hard job to introduce this ECI, to get it registrated and accepted, to translate it in the several EU languages, to contact the relevant national authority and publish the certificate on their website. But on 14 January 2013, the organizers of this initiative finally obtained the green light of the EU commission!

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Libramont (BE), October-November 2012: Three conferences on basic income

The Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien (a Christian-democratic organization) in the province of Luxembourg (Belgium) organizes no less than three conferences on basic income in October-November 2012, to be held in Libramont. During the first one (October 18, 2012), Yannick Vanderborght will present the main features of the basic income debate. The second one (November 8, 2012) will be devoted to basic

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